Dennis, anyone?


"Dennis Miller's debut in the Monday Night Football booth was a lot like the opening night of the Republican National Convention. The true believers cheered the performance, but he probably didn't sway the philosophically opposed." Mike Dodd, USA Today

"Miller tried to sound authoritative in talking serious football. But every time he put on his analyst cap, the feeling was, why am I listening to this guy? Your buddy Joe knows as much or more." Ed Sherman, Chicago Tribune

"Our weekly football treasure will never be the same..It will be better. For nearly three hours Monday in his first appearance in one of the most risky moves in television history, Miller transformed what should be sports' highest form of entertainment back into entertainment." Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times

"Chuckling during nearly every comment, Miller often sounded like an overenthusiastic fan who had won a 'Who wants to be an MNF analyst?' contest. To his credit, he made more than a few good points about the action on the field." Joe Lago,

In a USA Today poll, 55% of 376 voters in the first half gave Miller the thumbs up.