Dems Take House and House Takes Night


Doing their best impression of Virginia Senate candidates George Allen and Jim Webb, ABC and NBC were in a dead heat at 10-11 p.m. with their election coverage at a 2.3 rating/6 share in the 18-49 demo according to Nielsen overnight ratings.

It was a similar dead heat in the key 18 25-54 news demo for the network's election coverage, with the two nets knotted at a 2.9/7 at 10-11. CBS averaged a 2.1/6 in 18-49's and a 2.7/7 in 25-54's for its coverage.

But election coverage, with its white boards and snazzy graphics, could muster not even half the audience of the top entertainment shows on the night.

The House that reigned victorious on the night was not the one in Washington. Instead the Fox drama House drew more viewers than any of the House or Senate races, recording a whopping 6.8/16 at 9-10 to give Fox the nightly win at a 4.5/11. ABC's Dancing with the Stars also drew more than twice as many viewers as election coverage with a 5.4/14 at 8-9 to give ABC second place on the night with a 4.2/10.