Dems Collecting Congrats For Franken

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee celebrates victory in Minnesota

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, who heads up the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, is celebrating the victory of Al Franken, who Tuesday was given the go-ahead by the Minnesota Supreme Court to be certified as the new Senator from that state.

In an e-mail form the committee Wednesday, Menendez was looking to collect some congratulations online to forward on to Franken's office.

Franken is the former Saturday Night Live writer and performer turned progressive talk show host turned politician who squeaked out a victory against incumbent Republican Norm Coleman following a close election and contested recount.

Franken represents the potential, veto-proof 60th vote for the Democrats on some issues, counting two independents--Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Bernie Sanders of Vermont--who caucus with the party.

While Menendez was collecting congrats for Al Franken's Senate victory, is looking for some more tangible rewards: money.

The group put out an e-mail solicitation asking for contributions to help pay off Franken's legal bills for the recount and long court fights that resulted in his Minnesota Supreme Court victory Tuesday (June 30).

MoveOn asked for $35 apiece from donors because "Every hour he has to spend calling donors to pay off his legal debts is an hour he's not talking to constituents or hashing out policy details on health care and clean energy."