Democrat Eyes for the GOP Guy


Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell underwent a makeover last week in a spoof of NBC/Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy airedbefore the Federal Communications Bar Association’s annual Chairman’s Dinner.

In the sketch, the Republican failed to convince CNBC’s Kudlow & Cramer he’s staying at the FCC through 2004 and wants a new image. Enter FCC colleagues and frequent adversaries Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein to offer a "Democratic Eye for the Powell Guy." Adelstein orders Powell to lose the "Gordon Gecko suspenders" and don a Jerry Garcia tie. After the makeover Powell quips: "I might’ve lost my sense of humor but I've replaced it with righteous indignation!"

Powell saved the best jokes for the podium after the tape. Noting that lawmakers will soon vote on a plan to roll back the FCC's 45% limit on broadcasters’ national reach to 39%: "The dividing line between democracy and fascism is very narrow-according to Congress it’s 6%."