Democrat Beebe Raises Warning Flags Over Codifying Net Neutrality Principles

Worries that investment could be stifled by "unwarranted government intrustion"

Turns out it isn't just Republicans raising warning flags over codifying network neutrality principles.

According to a copy of a letter from Arkansas Democratic Governor Mike Beebe to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski earlier this month, he, too, has issues with the proposed rulemaking.

While he does not oppose the FCC doing "as much as it needs to do, and no more," to ensure an "unfettered Internet platform for competition, creativity, and entrepreneurial activity," he also urged caution.

Beebe says in the letter that, like the chairman, he favors an open Internet and opposes blocking access to legal Web sites or "unreasonable discrimination." But he also says that there is a "very real risk" that investment could be stifled by "unwarranted government intrusion." He also said he was concerned about extending the rules to the wireless marketplace, as the chairman and his Democratic colleagues on the commission support.

"I find it curious that the FCC intends to expand the network-neutrality concepts to the wireless market," he said. "I can't think of another marketplace where customers win so regularly through lower prices and more features, in large part because the industry has been so lightly regulated and is so competitive."

Like Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.), who wrote her own letter to the chairman with concerns about the proposed rules, Beebe warned of unintended consequences.