DeLay Chief of Staff Joining Time Warner


Time Warner is tapping a tapped-in Republican to help make its various cases in Washington.

Tim Berry, chief of staff to House Majority Leader Tom Delay, is exiting to become a lobbyist for Time Warner, which lost a well-connected Republican in D.C. lobbyist Lisa Nelson, formerly of National Review Institute and GOPAC. Nelson exited in May to join Visa, but Berry, whose title is VP, global public policy, is expected to have a wider purview.

Time Warner spokeswoman Kathy McKiernan said that the company has always had a mix of staffers from both sides of the aisle. "We’re mostly looking for strong, experienced pros, regardless of party.

Time Warner’s public policy operation in Washington is headed by Carol Melton, executive VP, global public policy. "I am so pleased that Tim is joining our team at Time Warner." said Melton in a statement. "He has tremendous experience on the Hill, excellent political judgment and a solid grasp of the policy issues facing our industry. He is also an effective consensus builder, with a deep understanding of the legislative process. He is going to be a great resource and addition to our team."

Berry is expected to join the company in mid-October.