Defiant Dieter Pitches McDocumentary


Soso Whaley, host of the "Critter Country" segment on New England Sports Network's Camo-Country TV weekly outdoors show, has gained national attention for her 30-day diet of nothing but McDonald's food.

She is creating a film/TV documentary of her diet partly in response to filmmaker Morgan Spurlock's satiric Sundance-winning film, Super Size Me, which documented his weight gain from a McDonald's diet as a comment on the current "obesity epidemic."

Whaley is also on a 30-day McDonalds diet, and says she can eat healthy and lose 10 pounds.

Whaley, who claims to have already lost five pounds halfway into the diet, says that while Spurlock's film was a satire, "many seem to be following its implied message - that evil fast food companies are preying on hapless, unhealthy Americans - to a ridiculous extreme."

While she originally planned to have the doc done by fall, the Mcflurry of interest, including making the rounds of TV talk and morning shows last week, has her fast-tracking the project. She hopes to pitch it to TV outlets including Food Network and PBS, as well as film festivals.

Whaley says she is paying for the diet film out of her own pocket, but nonprofit, small-government group Competitive Enterprise Institute, where Whaley is an adjunct scholar, is tracking her progress