Dean Derides FCC Breast Inquest

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Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean Monday dismissed as "silly" a government inquiry into whether Janet’s Jackson’s breast-baring performance during the Super Bowl halftime show broke indecency rules.

"I find that to be a bit of a flap about nothing," he told reporters aboard his campaign plane. "I’m probably affected in some ways by the fact that I’m a doctor, so it’s not exactly an unusual phenomenon for me."

FCC chairman Michael Powell promised a "thorough and swift" investigation of the stunt aired during one of the most widely-watched TV programs.

"In general, I think the FCC does have a role in promoting some reasonable standard of decency," Dean said, according to a Reuters report. "However, considering what’s on television these days, I think the FCC is being pretty silly about investigating this."

Dean, who does not have cable television at his home in Burlington, Vt., said Americans could inadvertently turn on "far worse things" while "cruising through cable at regular viewing hours."

"I don’t find it terribly shocking relative to some of the things you can find on standard cable television," he added. "I think the FCC probably has a lot of other things they should be pursuing."