WVTM(TV) Birmingham, Ala.; WNCN(TV) Goldsboro, N.C.; WCMH(TV) Columbus, Ohio; WJAR(TV) Providence, R.I.
PRICE: $600 million
BUYER: Media General Inc. (James Zimmerman, president, broadcast division)
SELLER: NBC/GE (Jay Ireland, president, TV stations)
FACILITIES: WVTM(TV): Ch. 13, 316 kW, ant. 1,339 ft.; WNCN(TV): Ch. 17, 5,000 kW, ant. 2,001 ft.; WCMH(TV): Ch. 4, 100 kW, ant. 899 ft.; WJAR(TV): Ch. 10, 316 kW, ant. 1,001 ft.
WTJR(TV) Quincy, IlL.
LPRICE: $2.1 million
BUYER: Christian Television Network Inc. (Robert D'Andrea, president)
SELLER: Believer's Broadcasting Corp. (Carl Geisendorfer, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 16, 1,020 kW, ant. 1,011 ft.
BROKER: Cobb Corp. LLC K50DR Evanston, Wyo.
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: Larry H. Miller Broadcasting (Randy Risby, general manager)
SELLER: Wyoming Communications Corp. (Paul Barnard, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 50, 2.12 kW
COMMENT: Miller agrees to be responsible for all FCC transfer and other fees and to be responsible for repairs and maintenance of the transmission facility. Miller will compensate Wyoming Communications $75 a month for site rental, including electricity consumed by K50DR and related equipment.
K12OC Red River, N.M.
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: Hearst-Argyle TV Inc. (David Barrett, president/CEO)
SELLER: Community TV Inc. (James Thompson, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 12, 0.039 kW
COMMENT: Hearst-Argyle will use UHF translator K67BP in broadcasting KOAT Albuquerque, N.M., programming to the Red River area, ensuring area residents continued access to KOAT programming while relieving Community TV Inc. of maintenance, FCC compliance and other licensing issues. The buyer will assume costs associated with conversion to digital.


WJMM(FM) Keene, WCGW(AM) and WWFT(AM) Nicholasville (Lexington-Fayette), Ky.
PRICE: $4.5 million
BUYER: Christian Broadcasting System Ltd (Jonathon Yinger, president/director); owns five other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Mortenson Broadcasting Co. Inc. (Jack Mortenson, president)
FACILITIES: WJMM(FM): 99.1 MHz, 5 kW, ant. 384 ft.; WCGW(AM): 770 kHz, 1 kW; WWFT(AM): 1250 kHz, 500 W day/59 W night
FORMAT: WJMM(FM): Christian Contemporary/Talk; WCGW(AM): Southern Gospel; WWFT(AM): Sports
BROKER: John Pierce of John Pierce and Co. LLC
WLSQ(FM) Dyer (Jackson), WHMT(AM) and WLSZ Humboldt (Jackson), Tenn.
PRICE: $2.1 million
BUYER: Forever Communications Inc. (Christine Hillard, president); owns 10 other stations, including WTJS(AM), WTNV(FM) and WYNU(FM) Jackson
SELLER: Boyd Enterprises Inc. (Darrell Boyd Sr., president)
FACILITIES: WLSQ(FM): 94.3 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.; WHMT(AM): 1190 kHz, 420 W; WLSZ(FM): 105.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 328 ft.
FORMAT: WLSQ(FM): CHR/Top 40; WHMT(AM): Sports; WLSZ(FM): CHR/Top 40


WKTS(FM) Kingston, Tenn.
PRICE: $225,000
BUYER: Foothills Broadcasting Inc. (Thomas Moffit Jr., president); owns two other stations, neither in this market
SELLER: Kingston Century Club Inc. (Neil Scalf, director)
FACILITIES: 90.1 MHz, 55 W, ant. 633 ft.
FORMAT: Adult Standard
WPMW(FM) Mullens, W.Va.
PRICE: $120,000
BUYER: West Virginia-Virginia Holding Co. LLC (Bob Spencer, manager/member); owns no other stations
SELLER: Castle Rock Investments LLC (Michael A. Muscari, manager)
FACILITIES: 92.7 MHz, 2 kW, ant. 443 ft.
FORMAT: Classic Hits
KVID(FM)(CP) Barstow (Victor Valley), Calif.
PRICE: $100,000
BUYER: Ondas de Vida Network Inc. (Hector E. Manzo, CEO); owns no other stations
SELLER: Educational Media Foundation (Richard Jenkins, president)
FACILITIES: 89.1 MHz, 260 W, ant. 725 ft.
WAXZ(FM) Georgetown (Cincinnati), Ohio
PRICE: $60,294
BUYER: Gateway Radio Works (Hayes McMakin, president/treasurer); owns three other stations, none in this market
SELLER: First Broadcasting Investment Partners, LLC (Gary M. Lawrence, president/vice chairman)
FACILITIES: 97.7 MHz, 5 kW, ant. 351 ft.
FORMAT: Classic Hits
KBOC(FM) Bridgeport (Dallas-Ft. Worth), Texas
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: Entravision Holdings LLC (Walter Ulloa, chairman/CEO); owns 52 other stations, including KZMP(AM)/(FM), KTCY(FM) and KZZA(FM) Dallas-Ft. Worth
SELLER: Witko Broadcasting LLC (Dick Witkovski, president)
FACILITIES: 98.3 MHz, 40 kW, ant. 2,034 ft.
WYND(FM) Hatteras, WFMZ(FM) Hertford, WVOD(FM) Manteo, WZPR(FM) Nags Head (Elizabeth City-Nags Head), N.C.
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: CapSan Media LLC (Bill Whitlow, CEO); owns no other stations
SELLER: Convergent Broadcasting LLC (Bruce Biette, president/CEO)
FACILITIES: WYND(FM): 97.1 MHz, 59 kW, ant. 558 ft.; WFMZ(FM): 104.9 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 492 ft.; WVOD(FM): 99.1 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 492 ft.; WZPR(FM): 92.3 MHz, 18 kW, ant. 384 ft.
BROKER: Kalil and Co. Inc.


WLIE(AM) Islip (Nassau-Suffolk), N.Y.
PRICE: $14 million
BUYER: Starboard Media Foundation Inc. (Mark Follett, president); owns 18 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Long Island Multi-Media LLC (Stuart Henry, managing member)
FACILITIES: 540 kHz, 4 kW day/175 W night
FORMAT: Business News
BROKER: Harold Bausemer of The Sales Group
COMMENT: Purchase price includes $1.1 million to Deer Park Properties Inc. for studio premises.
WTIX(AM) Florence, WHYM(AM) Lake City (Florence), S.C.
PRICE: $500,000
BUYER: Estuardo Rodriquez (Estuardo Valdemar Rodriguez, joint tenant); owns eight other stations, none in this market
SELLER: GHB Broadcasting (George Buck Jr., president)
FACILITIES: WTIX(AM): 1230 kHz, 1 kW; WHYM(AM): 1260 kHz, 5 kW day/55 W night
FORMAT: WTIX(AM): Sports; WHYM(AM): Religion
WEAF(AM) Camden, S.C.
PRICE: $222,500
BUYER: Glory Communications Inc. (Alex Snipe, president); owns eight other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Colonial Radio Group Inc. (Jeffrey Andrulonis, president)
FACILITIES: 1130 kHz, 1 kW day/7 W night
FORMAT: Gospel
BROKER: Zoph Potts of Snowden Associates
WECM(AM) Milton (Pensacola), Fla.
PRICE: $220,000
BUYER: Professional Humor Inc. (Baroness Maxine Agasim-Pereira, president/secretary/treasurer); owns no other stations
SELLER: Worldlink Technologies Group Inc. (Michael Pfost, president/director)
FACILITIES: 1490 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: Adult Standard
KDUN(AM) Reedsport, Ore.
PRICE: $220,000
BUYER: Bill Schweitzer, dba WKS Broadcasting Inc. (Bill Schweitzer, owner); owns no other stations
SELLER: Pamplin Communications Corp. (Robert Boisseau Pamplin Jr., chairman/CEO)
FACILITIES: 1030 kHz, 50 kW day/630 W night
FORMAT: Country
BROKER: Tom McKinley of Media Services Group
WDRF(AM) Woodruff (Greenville- Spartanburg), S.C.
PRICE: $210,000
BUYER: BJL Broadcasting (Betty Joyce Lewis, president); owns no other stations
SELLER: B&B Media Inc. (Wayne Brown, president)
FACILITIES: 1510 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: Southern Gospel
WCKS(AM) Jacksonville, Fla.
PRICE: $207,940
BUYER: Leslie Gradick; owns no other stations
SELLER: Steven L. Gradick
FACILITIES: 810 kHz, 50 kW day/500 W night
FORMAT: Country
COMMENT: Leslie E. Gradick is acquiring his son Steven's 50% membership in Alabama 810 LLC, licensee of WCKS.
WHAP(AM) Hopewell (Richmond), Va.
PRICE: $200,000
BUYER: Benjamin-Dane LLC (Ronald Reeves, president); owns two other stations, neither in this market
SELLER: MainQuad Communications Inc. (Daniel Berman, owner/president)
FACILITIES: 1340 kHz, 1 kW
WWWC(AM) Wilkesboro. N.C.
BUYER:Foothills Media Inc. (John Wishon, owner); owns no other stations
SELLER:Foothills Media Inc. (Alan Combs, co-owner)
FACILITIES:1240 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT:Southern Gospel
COMMENT: Combs is selling his 50% stake in Foothills Media Inc., making Wishon sole owner.
KNAK(AM) Delta, Utah
PRICE: $185,000
BUYER: Accent Radio Inc. (Jedidiah Harrison, president); owns no other stations
SELLER: Sam Bushman
FACILITIES: 540 kHz, 1 kW day/13 W night
FORMAT: News/Talk/Sports
KWDF(AM) Ball (Alexandria), La.
PRICE: $150,000
BUYER: Opus Media Partners LLC (Richard Linhart, chairman); owns 11 other stations, including KBKK(FM), KEZP(FM) and KLAA(FM) Alexandria
SELLER: Educational Media Foundation (Richard Jenkins, president)
FACILITIES: 840 kHz, 8 kW
FORMAT: Gospel
BROKER: John Pierce of John Pierce and Co. KNNZ(AM) Cedar City, Texas
PRICE: $125,000
BUYER: Public Radio Capital Inc. (Marc Hand, president/managing director); owns one other station, not in this market
SELLER: Cherry Creek Radio LLC (Joseph D. Schwartz, CEO/president)
FACILITIES: 940 kHz, 10 kW day/39 W night
COMMENT: Cherry Creek Radio is contributing, donating and assigning the station to Public Radio Capital.

Information provided by: BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro., Chantilly, VA.,
, 718-818-2425