The deal points


Open access:
One non-affiliated cable ISP service must be made available on any Time Warner cable system before offering AOL Internet service over cable in that market. At least two additional non-affiliated ISPs must be offered within 90 days. Unaffiliated ISPs must be offered the same connection location and transmission speeds as AOL gets on the Time Warner platform. AOL must negotiate with all other ISPs seeking carriage but may deny carriage based on capacity or other technical constraints.

ISPs must be offered the same fee structure as Earthlink, an ISP with a Time Warner contract already approved by the FTC, or on terms that AOL receives from any other cable company.

Interactive television:
Interactive triggers carried by non-affiliated ISPs or program providers must be passed along to consumers without interference.

Digital subscriber lines:
To foster competition among competing delivery platforms, AOL must offer broadband Internet via telephone DSL in Time Warner cable markets at the same prices, speed and quality as in markets where the company has no cable broadband service.