D.C. Station Pulls Shooter Footage


Allbritton's WJLA Washington and co-owned cable channel, NewsChannel 8, made a very public point Thursday of saying they were not goint to air the video of the Blacksburg shooter.

On its 11 p.m. newscast, WJLA anchor Leon Harris said the station had decided there was no reason to air the disturbing images in the Washington market (where a number of the victim's families live).

It also did a news segment on the criticism of the video, saying a number of stations were wrestling with the issue. One of those was NBC-owned WRC-TV Washington , which has decided to air even less of the footage than NBC's network guidelines.

NBC was initially praised for its handling of the material, which was mailed to the network by the shooter, but was later criticized for choosing to air it. But most other news outlets also carried the video, some with hefty promotion, after NBC made it available to them.