Dauman Sells $10.6M More Viacom Stock

Former CEO has sold 680,098 shares since resigning

Philippe Dauman, who resigned as CEO of Viacom on Saturday, is wasting no time selling off stock in the troubled media company.

In a filing with the SEC on Friday, Dauman said he sold 166,169 shares on Wednesday for an average price of $41.778 and 86,883 shares on Thursday at $41.5112. Proceeds from those two sales is $10.6 million.

In a previous filing, Dauman disclosed that he’d sold 427,946 shares on Monday and Tuesday worth $17.8 million.

Altogether he’s sold stock worth $28.4 million

Dauman still owns  750,280 shares and received a golden parachute worth at least $72 million when he resigned his post after losing a battle for control of the company to the Redstone family, which owns a majority of the voting stock..