Danza Gets Daytime in L.A.


Buena Vista Television’s The Tony Danza Show has secured a daytime clearance on Viacom Inc.’s Los Angeles duopoly of KCBS and KCAL for next fall.

That takes the show off its middle-of-the-night slot on Disney-owned KABC and should contribute to a ratings bump for the show next year.

For season two, Danza is renewed in more than 110 markets and more than 75% of the country.

Season-to-date, Danza is averaging a 1.3 rating, which ranks it number three among freshman first-run strips behind ET spin-off Insider and talker Jane Pauley.

The show is probably stronger than that 1.3 rating, given that it has been airing after midnight in three of the top five markets--Chicago and Boston, as well as L.A.