Daly, MRE Team Up on Really Big Internet Show

iJustine (Justine Ezarik) to Host Daily Roundup

Just learned about those dazzling Diet Coke-Mentos fountains? Puzzled by the phrase, “Chocolate rain?” Then you, friend, are woefully behind in the fast-moving world of the Web -- and late-night host Carson Daly and Madison Road Entertainment are here to help.

Daly and MRE are drafting some top Web talent for The Really Big Internet Show, a new Web show that will tell users what’s hot online.

Justine Ezarik, a Web waif who goes by iJustine and draws nearly 4 million views on her own site, will host the daily roundup. After a quick rundown of what she’s watching on the Web from her perch in Los Angeles, she’ll throw (via Webcam) to a team of “Web celebs” who’ll tout their picks.

Set to launch in July, the show will go online each weekday at lunchtime (a prime time for Web viewing) at Reallybiginternetshow.com and on other sites, including Facebook and MySpace.

Among the correspondents are HappySlip and KevJumba (of The CW’s short-lived Online Nation), each of whom has drawn more than 5 million viewers to their YouTube channels alone.

“The hope is that by bringing on this talent, their own viewers will gravitate to this program and become our viewers,” MRE managing partner Jak Severson said.

The plan is to frequently rotate in new talent to keep up with Web trends. Management firm DC Partners is also a partner in the show.