Daily News Takes Post Fight To Washington


News Corp. buying the New York Times?The Daily News offered that possible scenario to the FCC in an attempt to convince it not to loosen crossownership rules, a move that would allow News Corp. to have a daily newspaper duopoly as well as a TV one, in the Big Apple.

Seems the long-running battle/feud between New York tabloids The Daily News and New York Post has hit the FCC's media ownership filings. News Corp. has pushed for loosening media ownership limits.

FCC-tracking blog noted Thursday that The Daily News had filed comments in the FCC's media ownership proceeding late last month asking the FCC to restrict newspaper/broadcast crossownership.

Why would the newspaper want to limit newspaper ownership? In its filing, Daily News LP, expresses concern that, if the ban on newspaper/broadcast crossownership were lifted entirely or based on the same voices test the FCC initially proposed, Post Owner News Corp. could buy Newsday from troubled Tribune, or even The New York Times, either of which the Daily News described as a "diversity and public interest disaster."

In 2003 the FCC proposed lifting the newspaper/broadcast crossownership ban and replacing it with a diversity test that would have allowed a company to own TV stations--New Corp. owns two in New York--and multiple newspapers in markets with more than nine TV stations, like New York.

The Daily News wants the FCC to disallow such multiple paper/station combos in all markets, arguing that not to do so would do "substantial damage to the FCC's claimed goals of insuring viewpoint diversity and economic competition."

The FCC is currently reviewing its 2003 media ownership rules under a court-ordered remand, as well as all of its rules under a regular congressionally-ordered review.