DaCast Launches New Facebook Payments Platform

Designed to help content owners develop new revenue from video on Facebook

Streaming media services provider DaCast has launched a new payment platform for Facebook to help programmers and content owners increase their audiences and revenue from the videos they make available on Facebook.

In recent years, social media sites like Facebook have become an increasingly important way to discover and stream video. DaCast is billing the launch as "the first payment platform to accept all Facebook approved payment forms for video and live stream content."

The new DaCast payment platform includes a media player that is fully equipped with a payment system for processing payments for both PPV and subscription-based content. That means, the company notes, that users no longer have to navigate out of Facebook to purchase and view content.

"Our original payment process filled a major gap in the online video market, enabling content owners to more effectively sell streaming content from within the media player," noted Stephane Roulland, CEO of DaCast in a statement. "We have now taken that technology, adapted and enhanced it to improve the overall experience on Facebook. Consequently, content owners can now more easily sell video content through Facebook without fans navigating away to make a purchase, achieving up to 200% greater buy completion rate."