CWA Opposes Sensenbrenner Bill


The Communications Workers of America have written House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner opposing his network neutrality bill.

Sensenbrenner's bill would not allow networks to charge online content companies for providing them enhanced bandwidth or security, which CWA and the phone companies argue will not allow companies to get a return on their investments in network build-outs and slow those build-outs (which employ CWA workers), and will delay the broadband rollout that is the driving force behind video franchise reform legislation in the House and Senate.

CWA says it supports an Open Internet, and even used the letter to plug legislation mandating cable à la carte, but said the Sensenbrenner bill was not the right approach.
Sensenbrenner wanted his committee to share jurisdiction over the House Commerce Committee bill dealing with franchise reform and network neutrality, but that committee was careful to craft the bill to avoid that possible delay in its passage.

As an alternative, Sensenbrenner introduced his own bill, which is being marked up May 25, the same day the Senate is holding a second hearing on its franchise reform bill.

The issue of discrimination in Internet access service has flared up around the franchise bills, threatening to prevent their passage in the current Congress.