CWA: Investigate Adelphia's labor practices


The Communications Workers of America have asked a U.S. Bankruptcy Court in
New York to investigate Adelphia’s labor practices.

CWA argues that Adelphia, which has been reorganizing under a chapter 11
filing, is actually costing its creditors money by spending more on replacement
workers and security guards than the expense of "peaceful settlement" of its
labor disputes.

Calling it Adelphia’s "scorched earth strategy," CWA has asked the court to
appoint an examiner to investigate that claim, saying such conduct "undermines
confidence in the debtor’s ability to manage its reorganization. As a debtor in
possession, Adelphia owes a duty to its creditors to exercise the utmost care in
expending estate resources," the filing says.

In particular, CWA pointed to two recent strikes in Morgantown, W. Va., and
Auburn, N.Y., as areas of concern.

For its part, Adelphia responded: "[The company] maintains a positive,
constructive and productive relationship with its more than 14,000 employees. In
situations where employees have chosen to be represented by a union, Adelphia
respects that decision and works with its employees on that basis.

The company believes, however, that the interests of its employees and the
company are best served when there is a direct working relationship between
management and employees. With that in mind, Adelphia works hard to cultivate a
positive relationship with its employees by providing good benefits, fair
compensation and a collaborative working environment."

Adelphia refused to comment on the CWA’s allegations, saying it "prefers to
conduct its labor negotiations in the conference room, not in the courtroom or
the media."