Cutting Edge


New Head for Chyron

Michael Wellesley-Wesley has been named president and CEO of Chyron, succeeding Roger Henderson, who will remain as director but is stepping aside to spend more time geographically closer to his family. The new role for Wellesley-Wesley is actually an old one: He was chairman and CEO of Chyron from 1995 to 1997. Henderson took the post in 1999, succeeding Ed Grebow, who left to join Sony.

Charter Picks Terayon

Charter Communications is using Terayon's Network CherryPicker DM 6400 for its HDTV service. The unit delivers three HD programs on a single channel by doing real-time adjustments of a digital video program's bit rates to accommodate a given amount of bandwidth. The unit has the capability of handling as many as four HD programs within a single 256 QAM channel.

Dielectric Gets Flash

Antenna manufacturer Dielectric has acquired Flash Technology from American Tower Corp. Flash Technology designs, assembles, monitors and services available-obstruction lighting systems. Dielectric believes the move will give it the ability to offer more-comprehensive systems and reduce costs of monitoring capabilities.