Cutting Edge


Managing Bandwidth

SeaChange International is working with Motorola to develop a system-resources manager that will allow broadband operators to control interactive digital headend bandwidth more effectively. Known as the Global System Resource Manager (GSRM), the software platform will allow equipment manufacturers and service providers to share bandwidth on a single pipe for such services as video-on-demand (VOD), data, voice over IP (VoIP), broadcast TV, and IP streaming.

A New Gateway

Set-top box manufacturer GCT-Allwell Technology and residential-gateway–software company Jungo Software Technologies are demonstrating a CableHome-based residential wireless gateway at Broadband Plus, the Western Show in Anaheim, Calif., this week. The RG100 Allwell residential gateway is powered by Jungo's OpenRG software for CableHome-based devices and gives cable users wireless local area network (LAN) connectivity through the 802.11b standard.

Broadcom Bad News

Broadcom heads into Broadband Plus with the kind of momentum most companies shy away from. The company will eliminate more than 500 positions as part of a cost-reduction program announced in October. According to Dr. Henry T. Nicholas III, Broadcom president and CEO, the company is modifying its product roadmaps and timelines in some of its softer product areas but has not eliminated any product lines.

Set-Top Sales Deflate

The reduction in capital expenditures by cable-system operators has resulted in the first yearly decline in digital cable set-top box deployments since 1996, according to In-Stat/MDR, part of the Reed Electronics Group and a Reed Business Information cousin to BROADCASTING & CABLE. The study, titled "Cable Operator Spending Cuts Deflate the Cable Set-Top Box Market," reports that 2002 cable set-top–box shipments will drop 30% from last year, from 14.4 million to just over 10.1 million with worldwide cable set-top–box revenues dropping from $2.9 billion in 2001 to $2.3 billion.

HD Ad-Insertion Demo

Terayon and nCube will demonstrate a system designed to enable seamless insertion of HDTV advertisements into HDTV programming streams at Broadband Plus. The system includes Terayon's DM 6400 Network CherryPicker and nCube's DPI Premium System, which stores advertisements in digital format. The DPI Premium delivers the ad to the CherryPicker, which synchronizes the bit rate of the ad with the bit rate of the program and "splices" the ad into the program.

Ceon Gets a Voice

Ceon will introduce its Ceon Voice over IP Market Package at Broadband Plus this week. The package is designed to allow cable operators to implement VoIP services and includes interfaces to market-common systems, including Cisco Broadband Access Center, Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch, Convergys ICOMS, Incognito IP Commander, and Nortel Succession Softswitch. It also is developing interfaces to other companies, including Syndeo. Intercarrier provisioning interfaces for E-911, Primary Interexchange Carrier/Customer Account Record Exchange (PIC/CARE), Line Information Database (LIDB) and other ILEC notifications have also been developed.