Cutting Edge


Targeted spots for Teen Species promo

Advertising agency The Content Project recently created spots for TLC's Teen Species
on-air promo package with the use of Sony's Digital Betacam format and Apple's Final Cut Pro. Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and After Effects, and Discreet's 3DS Max were also used. The spots include two 30-second and two 15-second promos, each targeted to boys or girls.

Axcera goes remote

Axcera and Statmon Technologies have developed a technical interface that enables integrated monitoring and control of the Axcera Innovator and Visionary Series transmitter lines. Axcera customers will have the ability to purchase a plug-and-play Statmon Axess control system for the remote control of their transmitter and transmitter facility.

DNF's new control

DNF Controls has a new download feature that allows for playlist download from a traffic or automation system to DNF's 3040P Playlist Playout System. Once the playlist is downloaded, operators may play it out directly from the 3040P or use the 3040P to provide backup for the on-air automation system. The 3040P can also mirror the automation system by continuously playing clips in the background on a backup video server, or it can control the primary video-server playout channel in the event of an on-air automation failure. The system includes DNF's ST400 controller with Playlist software. It controls one playlist per channel on up to four channels, and each playlist may contain up to 2,000 elements.

BigBand for Cox

Cox Communications will use BigBand Networks broadband multimedia routers (BMRs) to handle the increased demand of its rollout of HDTV in several markets later this year. According to Cox Manager of Digital Technology Steve Watkins, the BMR will enable the cable-system operator to manage bandwidth more efficiently. The router allows multiplexing of HD and SD feeds within the same channel as well as bit-rate adaptation that maintains video quality while expanding channel capacity by up to 50% on HDTV programs.

Still store at KTSM-TV

KTSM-TV El Paso, Texas, has successfully beta-tested the AVS Graphics StillBank. The PC-based still-store system is used primarily in the station's main production room, where newscasts and most of its commercial production originates. It's also used to air stills acquired from AP's Graphics Bank service and can have single-button functionality when used with the CEShot Box.

AT&T calls on SeaChange

AT&T Broadband has picked SeaChange International to replace its video-on-demand systems for cable properties in Atlanta and Los Angeles. The transition is expected to be completed by Oct. 31. AT&T Broadband currently uses Diva's VOD system.

Curling up with Virage

C-SPAN is using Virage VS Publishing video and media software to bring search features to the online video archives of its Booknotes
television program. With the system, users can search nearly 700 author interviews. Each week's program is encoded and indexed using Virage SmartEncode. The content is then delivered to the site.

Low-bit-rate VOD

Equator Technologies and Picosoft have developed a low-bit-rate ADSL video-on-demand set-top box. Use of Equator's Dolphin reference platform, On2 Technologies' VP4 video codec and TrueCast server technology allows the set-top box to provide DVD-quality video at bit rates of less than 1 Mb/s. The Picosoft VOD system will be deployed over ADSL networks in Korea and other markets in the fourth quarter.

Glory be to Telemetrics

The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is using a Telemetrics robotic camera systems during Mother Angelica Live, a weekly half-hour program from the Monastery Farm of Our Lady of the Angels. The system includes the LTS track system and specially designed Televator Elevating Pedestals. The Televator is used to raise a pan-and-tilt head for better viewing angles. Another pan-and-tilt unit is mounted on the monastery's 50-foot church ceiling.