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AP: All War, All the Time

Associated Press Television News (APTN) is promising a wealth of reports from the Middle East with the launch of APTN Direct, a 24-hour live service of war-related video. The service launched last week and offers video reports from Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, Britain and the U.S. The initial plan calls for it to be available for the next three months.

The offering from APTN is unprecedented in that it is basically a 24-hour feed devoted to one story. Says APTN Director of Content Nigel Baker, "In a wired world, immediacy is the element of reporting now demanded by all major broadcasters."

Planning for the network began a year ago, with the first step involving getting a satellite uplink truck into Baghdad last October. The commitment has grown since then and now includes 120 staffers with 40 cameras deployed throughout the Middle East. It has also assigned 13 satellite earth stations to the region including five which are truck-mounted.