Cutting Edge


Sears HD network

One of the problems the average TV-set buyer has in experiencing HDTV is finding a retailer that maximizes the HD-viewing experience. To that end, Sears has created an in-store HDTV network with the help of Premier Retail Networks that will allow customers to experience HDTV whenever they're in the store. The feed will be delivered to 870 Sears stores via DISH Network Business Solutions (DNBS). Content will include sports, concert footage, movie trailers and even advertising. Peter Cullen, general manager of PRN Home Electronics Network, says, "Ultimately, the best way to help our retail partners create HDTV-sales opportunities is to showcase the quality of HD programming; inform customers about the latest HD products, features, and services available; and show shoppers what programming is available in their area."

L.A. Dreams

Sony will hold a screening of Dreams, a collection of four-minute films created by leading commercial directors using Sony's CineAlta 24p camera. This is the second consecutive year that Sony has taken on the project, which this year asks the directors to film a movie related to the topic of joy. The screening will be held on April 2 at the Directors Guild.

Router Encore

Los Angeles-based production facility Encore Video recently completed an upgrade of its signal-distribution system built around the new Utah-400 high-density digital routing switcher. Director of Engineering Don Buehler says experience with Utah routing products contributed to the decision, as did the router's size, price and upgrade capability. A 288x288 Utah-400 matrix replaced a 128x128 Utah-300 that had been in service since 1996. The project also involved expansions of the facility's other routers for analog video, audio, timecode and machine control.