Cutting Edge


CPB reups with decisionmark

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has renewed its three-year contract to use Decisionmark's online software for its broadcast-market analysis. Called Broadcast Area Stats, the Web application can report, map and handle ad hoc queries concerning market analysis for CPB. It will be used by more than 780 CPB-funded AM and FM radio stations to analyze 2000 U.S. Census demographics against a station's signal area or group of signal areas.

nCube VOD-patent lawsuit is upheld

Video-on-demand system manufacturer nCube won a patent-infringement case against SeaChange and will receive more than $2 million plus a 7% royalty on all sales of infringing products after Feb. 1, 2002. The lawsuit was filed in January 2001 and concerned U.S. patent 5,805,804, issued Sept. 8, 1998. Bill Styslinger, SeaChange president and CEO, said the verdict will not materially affect the marketing and performance of the company's VOD system. "We expect the verdict will be set aside in further proceedings," he added.

Artesia's dreamworks

DreamWorks SKG has selected Artesia Technologies' TEAMS digital asset-management system for use by its television and theatrical promotional and marketing divisions. The initial use of the system will allow DreamWorks to speed delivery of promotional materials around the globe. The system is a single, Web-accessible resource that will give users online access to different media types. For example, users can use editing and storyboarding capabilities from the desktop to create new materials from existing assets to customize and personalize information for local audiences.

Minerva, Thomson integrate

Minerva Networks is integrating Thomson's RCA DSL1500 gateway decoder platform with Minerva's IP Television interactive software and headend hardware system to deliver broadcast and on-demand video services over DSL. Ringgold Telephone, a Georgia-based local exchange service provider, is the first customer to deploy the system.

Quantel taps AAf

Quantel has implemented a full Advanced Authoring Format (AAF)-based archive for its generationQ range of post-production products, allowing every piece of information about a project, both essence and metadata, to be archived as a background task to a data infrastructure. With all the generationQ products sharing the same AAF-based data archive format, all aspects of a project can be shared during the post-production process.

AFL Scouts Cable-Tec

AFL Telecommunications is introducing the Scout facility-monitoring system at Cable-Tec Expo in San Antonio. The Web-based system allows cable facility managers to remotely monitor the functions of headend, hub and central-office locations.

They can also use the system to make changes to the building's systems and receive alerts if a system is malfunctioning. It also has comprehensive reporting and access to real-time data for all sites being managed and can send alarm notices through e-mail, wireless Web devices, telephones or pagers. Facility functions controlled include generator master-alarm contact, temperature, door access, automatic transfer switch, fire alarm, power, and air conditioning.

Comcast is sued for Web-tracking

Jeffrey Klimas, a Comcast Cable customer living in Royal Oak, Mich., has filed a complaint against Comcast for violating a federal privacy law when it recorded the Internet-browsing activities of its 1 million broadband customers. Comcast said in a statement that it respects the privacy of its Internet-service subscribers and that the lawsuit is without merit. The company added that customers must agree to its privacy policies when signing up for the service and that the usage information is used to help improve the service.

MyDTV goes to Court

Court TV will use technology company MyDTV's PromoLogic service to deliver pop-up alerts or promotions for viewer-specified programming content across all channels. Court TV will tailor the pop-up alerts or promos (which appear no matter what channel is being watched) to match viewer-defined topics and keywords to programming content. The viewer receiving the promotion can immediately tune to Court TV's offered programming.