Cutting Edge


CNN's Ringside Seat

CNN gave up the rafter-level anchor booth at last week's Democratic Convention in favor of a 15- x 15-foot platform on the actual convention floor. "There's no reason to isolate ourselves from the electricity, noise, energy and people," says Dave Bohrman, CNN Washington bureau chief and executive producer of the convention coverage. The enabling technology was the use of new directional headset mics from DPA. Akin to the in-ear monitors that musicians wear on stage, the mics use dual-molded ear pieces that cut down on background noise. "Those allowed the anchors [and guests] to hear each other and me," says Bohrman. About a dozen in-ear monitors were molded for CNN's on-air talent. Up next? Finding a place on the floor for the Republican Convention in New York later this month.

Super Camera

Anything is better if it comes on a stick. At least that's what Polecam thinks. Polecam's product is a camera on a pole, and it will be used to cover the 2004 Olympics. Six Polecam units will be on hand to capture swimming, diving and water polo, track and field, and the opening and closing ceremonies. This marks the second consecutive Summer Games that the 44-pound arm with a range of 5-20 feet was used. "Now we have the Dive Bag, which allows the remote head to transition air-water-air live. It operates just below the surface of the water," says Mel Noonan, Polecam marketing and sales executive.


Media General will use AP's ENPS news-production system at WFLA Tampa Bay, Fla., when the station moves to a convergent newsroom that also shares information with print and Web reporters. The newsroom will have new functionality, such as follow-me messaging, which allows assignment editors to use the newsroom system to send messages to reporters wherever they are. Says WFLA News Director Forest Carr, "We're impressed with the ENPS system and confident it will take care of our current and future needs in our converging news environment."