Cuomo Announces $1 Billion Broadband Grant Program

Providers will have to match $500M in govt. funding, dollar for dollar
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Jan. 16 announced a new $500 million matching grant program to incentivize broadband providers to get high-speed broadband to everyone in New York by 2019.

That will swell to a billion since broadband providers will have to engage in a one-to-one match. High speed will be defined as at least 100 Mbps, with some 25 Mbps allowed in the most rural areas, saleable to 100 Mbps, if that is the fastest and best way to get fast broadband to everybody.

Under the plan, regional economic development councils will submit a plan to the state identifying unserved and underserved areas, identifying demand in both residential and business sectors, and "leveraging state-owned assets" wherever possible.

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