CTAM Study: Teens Watching Mostly Short-Form Videos

Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing Examines Teens’ Media Consumption

Short-form videos dominate the media consumption of teens, according to a new study by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

When 512 teens were asked what content they watched most on "any device," 76% said user-generated clips, with comedy skits or stand-up routines coming in second and music videos third.

Less than one-half (44%) said they watched sitcoms, and only 36% said they watched dramas. If the kids are to be believed, they watch more news and political clips (42%) than celebrities and gossip (25%).

The good news for TV is that 83% reported still watching some traditional television, while 44% said they also watched content on a desktop computer and 24% on a laptop.

The teens surveyed were not watching clips on mobile devices in large numbers, with only 15% saying they watched on portable media players and only 8% on cell phones, although the media-player figure increased to 28% among those identifying themselves as early adopters.

The telephone survey was conducted Feb. 6-10 of kids 12-17.