CTAM, NCTA link conventions


The Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing is hosting
its Broadband Opportunity conference during the National Cable &
Telecommunications Association's annual convention, starting May 5 in New

The theme of NCTA's show will be 'Connecting America', and it will focus on
bringing broadband service to American homes.

CTAM's conference, in a similar vein, will look at developing and marketing
these services.

This year will be the first time the two associations have hosted conferences
at the same time.

'What we want to do is provide more incentives that will encourage our
different constituencies to come to our show,' says Marc Smith, NCTA spokesman.
'Linking with CTAM provides a compelling proposition to the marketers in our

'Timing our annual Broadband Opportunity Conference to coincide with the NCTA
National Show makes perfect sense,' said Char Beales, President and CEO of CTAM
in a statement. 'It is efficient for our members and the industry, and allows
those interested in getting smarter about broadband marketing to gain hands-on
access to NCTA's display of new and future technology.'