CSTV.com, USAToday.com Link Up

Web Sites for CBS' Collegiate Cable Sports Channel, National Newspaper Team Up on Sports Content

CSTV.com, the Web site for CBS' collegiate cable sports channel, is teaming up with USAToday.com.

For its part, USA Today will get access to CSTV.com online assets including live video and audio of college sports and CSTV's Gametracker, for its online sports page. As its name implies, Gametracker allows fans to track games -- including statistics -- in real-time. USA Today also gets the CSTV XXL player and live and on-demand video.

For its part, the CSTV brand will get visibility on USA Today's Web site and a larger potential audience for its streamed sports. It also plans to syndicate new short-form clips on USAToday.com, in keeping with the short-form style of the paper, including video of highlights, press conferences and more starting in the spring. It will be accessible through a co-branded tab on USA Today's Web site.

"This partnership offers a tremendous opportunity for exposure of CSTV.com's first-class content, particularly in the area of live video of collegiate sporting events, to a rabid fan base of sports enthusiasts at USAToday.com," said Tom Buffolano, vice president and general manager of subscription services for CSTV Networks, in announcing the deal.