Creative Voices Launches Censorship Chronicles


The Center for Creative Voices in Media, which includes some voices from the Hollywood production community, has created a series of half-hour podcasts, the Censorhip Chronicles, on the issue of the FCC's indecency crackdown and its effect on programming.

The Center supports the lawsuit against the FCC's "fleeting profanity" decisions that the commission now wants to take a second look at, and has said the FCC's tough but vague enforcement regime will "invariably cause broadcasters and creative artists to 'play it safe' and self-censor," with the public paying the ultimate price.

The podcasts feature Peggy Charren longtime activist for children's television, though not for censoring content in their name; Steven Bochco, whose  NYPD Blue was targeted for profanity by the FCC; and Vin Di Bona, whose Funniest Home Video featuring a baby's behind actually got serious indecency perusal by the FCC, though it eventually decided it was not indecent.

The podcasts are available at