CPB Plans Civics Lessons


Continuing its heavy focus on curriculum-based programming, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is sponsoring a series of conferences to help public-television producers and others apply for grants from its $20 million American History and Civics Initiative.

The grants are intended to fund media projects that "demonstrably improve" the teaching of American history and civics to middle- and high school students. 

“We are casting the widest possible net for potential applicants,” said Ken Ferree, CPB chief operating officer.  “We want people who haven’t been involved before in public television – because we are trying to reach an audience that public television hasn’t reached before.”  

Last year, CPB conducted a similar effort to attract new talent and voices to its America at a Crossroads Initiative. It received more than 400 proposals for funding, the majority of which were from people who had not worked in public television before. 

“We also expect the History and Civics Initiative to attract new partners into the public television arena—educators, high tech entrepreneurs and specialists, all joined by their common motivation to improve education in America,” said Michael Pack, senior vice president for television programming. “Especially given this project’s focus on new and innovative technology, we’re very excited about the possibilities of fusing content, broadcast and interactive technologies for the purpose of providing our youth with a better education.”

The conferences are currently scheduled for Washington, D.C., Friday, April 29; San Francisco, Tuesday, May  and New York, Monday, May 23. RSVP deadline is Wednesday, May 18.