CPB Funded for FY 2007


Among the loose ends tied up by Congress before hitting the road for some turkey and stuffing was the fiscal-year-2007 appropriation for public broadcasting and some 2005 money for various programs.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which doles out the dough to PBS stations, got a $400 million helping from the omnibus appropriations bill (CPB is forward funded by two years). DTV transition funds, by contrast, are appropriated every year, as is the public telecommunications fund.

The total for the 2005 appropriations, including CPB's FY 2005 approved in 2003, will actually be .83% less than advertised, since Congress decided to take out .83% of everyone's appropriation (except defense) and leave it in the treasury.

Various noncom programs also got some money for 2005. Noncommercial stations got another $39.7 million to help with the DTV transition, and another $40 million in public TV interconnection funding.

The $400 million was only $10 million less than CPB had asked for. It has asked for $50 million for DTV and $60 million for interconnection, which is for its satellite program-delivery system.

PBS' Ready to Learn initiative got $23.5 million from the Department of Education, and another $14.4 million for Ready to Teach, while $21 million went to the public telecommunications facilities program from Commerce

In addition, three board members who were up for confirmation were also approved over the weekend--Claudia Puig, Univision Radio; Gay Hart Gaines, Regent, board of Mount Vernon; Ernest J. Wilson III, professor, University of Maryland. Wilson was for a second term, the other two had been recess appointments.