CPB changes ethics policy


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has revamped its corporate ethics

Among the changes are more detailed guidelines, a requirement that employees
renew their pledge annually and the adoption of separate ethics guidelines for
employees and board members.

For example, a board member would not be subject to the same post-employment
restrictions as an employee.

The changes, approved unanimously by the board Monday, had been on the "to
do" list for a while -- the guidelines date from 1988 -- according to CPB vice president of
communications Carole Florman.

The revamp gained more urgency after Sept. 11 as part of a review of internal
policies for a new disaster-response plan.

It was moved to the front burner this year, however, given recent financial
scandals elsewhere and after an employee went to work for a contractor, creating
the appearance of impropriety, although there was no actual wrongdoing, Florman said.

Not surprisingly, one of the greater details of the new ethics policy is how
an employee responds to an offer of employment from a vendor.

Another is a more specific gift-acceptance policy.