CPB Board to Be Briefed On IG Report


The CPB Inspector General's report on problems at the noncom funding organization's board is expected to be delivered to that board in closed session Nov. 1 according to several sources, though the much-anticipated report is not expected to be made public for a couple of weeks.

CPB Inspector General Kenneth Konz gave key Hill staffers a three-hour briefing late last month on his investigation into “deficiencies in policies and procedures” at CPB and said he would get them a preliminary report by Sept. 26. His office later said no report to either Congress or the board would be coming out until late October.

Those staffers had not heard any word from the IG at press time, according to a Hill sourcem but were hoping to get a copy of the report at the same time the board did.

Following a request last May by Reps. David Obey (D-Wis.) and John Dingell (D-Mich.), Konz is investigating whether CPB Chairman Ken Tomlinson violated the Public Broadcasting Act by commissioning an outside content analysis of the politics in Now With Bill Moyers—and other PBS shows—and by enlisting a White House staffer to help write rules for two new ombudsmen, one a former Reader's Digest colleague of Tomlinson's.

Center for Digital Democracy's Jeff Cheseter was not happy with the prospects of a closed meeting. "It seems to me that what they are doing on Tuesday is a new violation for the IG to investigate. They clearly have never heard of "sunshine." Closed meetings are inappropriate."

Chester, a vocal critic of Tomlinson, said that Monday he would officially call for the meeting to be opened.