Cox bags a million "bundled" buyers


Cox Communications claims that one million Cox customers now subscribe to
a ``bundle'' of two or more telecommunications services.

Cox's menu of services includes cable TV, high-speed Internet and digital telephone. More than 15% of its subscribers buy a bundle, an 80% leap over last year's numbers.

In Cox's Orange County and Omaha operations, where bundled products have been offered the longest, 40% of customers subscribe to the bundle. And 10% of those cutomers take all three services. Cox has been offering bundled telecom services since 1997.

In markets where Cox Digital Telephone is available, the company claims 23% of customers buy a bundle. And digital penetration among these customers has grown from 48% in 2000 to 60% today.

Cox further claims that its churn rate among bundled customers is 33 to 50% less than the churn for single-product customers. - Richard Tedesco