Court TV: Red, White & New


As the network promised in March, it will rebrand with two new tag lines: “Court TV News” for the daytime and “Court TV Seriously Entertaining” for prime, and adopt a new red-and-white logo sans Court’s signature fingerprint.

The effort’s meant to help viewers better navigate Court’s dayparts, says Court GM Marc Juris, who promises a “fresher, more contemporary, more relevant Court TV.”

That will include quicker cuts and more arresting visuals in its entertainment shows and new reality and docu-dramas throughout the year including this summer’s The Takedown, Parco, PI, and Smoking Gun TV; September’s High Stakes with Ben Mezrich, and November’s Haunting Evidence.

Newer additions slated for first quarter 2006 include SWAG, a Brit-inspired reality show which pranks would-be thiefs, and San Diego Beach Patrol, a “non-fiction” series about a group of Southern California lifeguards.

Court has ponied up “multimillions of dollars” on a multiplatform ad campaign to tout the re-brand – the most ambitious ever for the network, which has been through several, Juris said.

The outdoor arm of that, largely aimed at New York City, includes ads on 1.5 million deli bags, 600 taxis, 600 buses, 552 New York phone kiosks, 500,000 coffee sleeves, a billboard at 39th and 3rd, 150 street decals, and a Court TV-branded partridge in a pear tree (OK, we made the last one up).

Additionally, Court is dressing up New York coffee vendors as mock alibis, witnesses and informants in a faux crime, giving them T-shirts and aprons stating their roles.

“It’s a clutter-resistant way to get people to notice that there are two ways to look at everything and fascinating things are happening around them all the time,” Juris said of the ploy.

Court TV reaches 85 million homes. It averaged 812,000 total viewers in prime second quarter 2005, down 4%.