Court orders Jones to take complaint to FCC


The federal district court in Manhattan Sept. 4 dismissed poet Sarah
Jones' challenge of an indecency fine levied against a Portland, Ore., station
for airing her anti-misogynist rap, "Your Revolution."

Jones argued that the fine hurt her financially by stifling airplay of her song,
which uses blunt sexual slang to attack derogatory characterization of women in
much of today's rap music.

The judges agreed with the Federal Communications Commission's claim that
Jones' complaint should first be filed with the agency.

KBOO(FM) was notified in May 2001 that it faced a $7,000 fine for airing Your
Revolution as part of a public-affairs program.

KBOO has already appealed the FCC ruling, but Jones' attorneys went to court
under the assumption that they had no standing at the commission because the fine was
levied only against the station.

Since KBOO's apparent liability was announced, a Colorado station was slapped
with an indecency fine for airing an edited-for-radio version of "The Real Slim
Shady" by mega-star Eminem. The FCC has already rescinded that station's