Coupling on Bravo


If you missed Coupling on NBC, relax: Bravo will give viewers a second

In its latest repurposing move, the NBC-owned cable channel will replay the
sitcom's premiere Sept. 30 and episode two Oct. 7, both at 11 p.m. EST. No other
episodes have been scheduled.

Since NBC acquired Bravo for $1.25 billion last December, the channel has
replayed NBC's Kingpin, The Restaurant and Fame, but
Coupling is the first sitcom to be repurposed.

NBC and Bravo have been quiet about the Coupling replays. An intrepid
Broadcasting & Cable reporter found the scheduled plays while surfing
TiVo Inc.'s listings.

Coupling plays elsewhere on cable, too. BBC America runs the original
British version, including an airing at 10 p.m. on Thursday, right after the NBC

BBC America is looking to piggyback (or is that peacockback?) on NBC's hype.
"You've heard the buzz, now see the original," the Bravo Web
site (