Counterfeit Shure Gear Seized

Thousands of counterfeit microphones were recently confiscated in Peru and Paraguay by customs officials

Shure Inc. is reporting that thousands of counterfeit Shure microphones were recently confiscated by customs officials in Peru and Paraguay as part of an ongoing investigation by Shure representatives, local customs and law enforcement agencies.

"Shure continues to take vigorous action against counterfeiters worldwide," said Mark Humrichouser, general manager for the Shure Americas business unit in a statement. "We are committed to challenging the sale of counterfeit Shure products, not only to protect the interests of Shure and our distribution partners, but to ensure that consumers receive authentic products with the performance and quality for which Shure is famous."

In Peru, 2,303 counterfeit Shure microphones were seized by customs officials as the products were being imported into the country. The microphones included models C606, SM58, and PG58.

In addition, authorities also confiscated 1,594 cables and several thousand accessories, user guides and product cartons, all branded with the Shure trademark. The products were being imported by Fabi Export and Import, a company that is not an authorized Shure distributor or reseller.

In Paraguay, a delegation of officials from the customs authority raided a number of resellers in Ciudad del Este, including Music Shop, Music Brasil SA, and Musical World. Counterfeit products seized included SM57, SM58, Beta57A, and Beta58A microphones as well as PGX Digital Wireless components.

The seized products will be destroyed by customs agents.


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