CosmoGIRL! tries her hand at TV

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Hearst Entertainment Corp. is turning co-owned CosmoGIRL! magazine into a
syndicated half-hour lifestyle series of the same name for fall 2003.

The show is being billed as Federal Communications Commission-friendly, which
means it is expected to meet the educational requirements for a show that counts
toward fulfilling a TV station's mandated three hours per week of educational
children's TV programming.

The show is targeted to teen girls and will "offer advice, encouragement and
inspiration" in the "voice of a hip confidante."

In addition to covering health, fitness, fashion, dating and politics, the
show will profile young celebrities. Hearst's other FCC-friendly shows include
The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone and Popular Mechanics for

CosmoGIRL! is being offered on a three- and three-and-one-half-minute barter