Copyright Office calls Webcasters to table


The U.S. Copyright Office plans a public roundtable
discussion Friday, May 10, for industries affected by the agency's pending
decision on notice and record-keeping rules for Webcasters.

The agency is collecting comments on the preliminary ruling in February by
a three-judge panel hired by the Copyright Office to determine rules of the road
for streaming copyrighted music over the Internet.

Webcasters -- including traditional radio broadcasters that want to stream their
radio signals -- are not happy with the way the panel determined they should
notify record companies of their use of copyrighted music, and they have
complained in filed comments.

The discussion is intended to help the Copyright Office
'adopt regulations that provide sufficient notification and information to
copyright owners of the use of their sound recordings, yet are not unduly
burdensome on those making use of the statutory license,' according to a notice
in the Federal Register