Copps: XM/Sirius Still 'Steep Climb'

Democratic FCC Commissioner Denies Press Reports that He Revealed Set of Conditions for Satellite-Radio Merger

Responding to Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin's support of the XM Satellite Radio-Sirius Satellite Radio merger under certain conditions proposed by the two companies, Democratic FCC commissioner Michael Copps said Monday that he has not changed his view that the merger has a high hurdle to overcome.

Copps also said he has not offered up his own set of conditions that would lead him to conclude that the merger was acceptable.

"Contrary to at least one press report," he said in a statement. "I have not pushed for any conditions that would support a finding that the transaction is in the public interest. I look forward to reviewing the chairman’s proposal and will consider it with an open mind.”

Martin said Sunday that he would favor the merger so long as it came with a number of conditions offered by the companies, including interoperable receivers, price caps and a move toward more a la carte service with smaller, lower-priced packages.


Copps Votes Against XM-Sirius Merger

FCC tally: chairman Kevin Martin, commissioner Robert McDowell for; commissioner Michael Copps against; commissioner Jonathan Adelstein eyes tougher conditions; no comment from commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate.