Copps Takes TV Criticisms to The New York Times


Democratic FCC Chairman Michael Copps took his call for tougher license renewal standards to an op-ed slot in the New York times Saturday, echoing criticisms made frequently, including to B&C.

In his NYT piece, Copps calls for local station coverage of national political conventions. Networks have cut back coverage of the conventions in recent years. He also wants more coverage of local races.

He claims that only 8% of TV newscasts carried any coverage of local races, including for the House of Representatives in the month before the last presidential election, calling it "just one example of how poorly stations are serving their viewers."

"It's disappointing that Commissioner Copps would rely on biased studies to chastise broadcast election coverage," said NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton. "Any alleged study of broadcast election coverage that ignores morning news, noon news, 4 pm news, Sunday morning talk shows and broadcast debates can only be described as a sham."