Copps to stations: Watch yourselves


New Orleans - Radio and TV stations should voluntarily keep public transcripts of their broadcasts so the FCC can track
complaints of indecency, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said Friday at a panel before the NAB Radio Show.

"We at the commission put too much of a burden
on complainants. If something is said on the public
airwaves it should be a matter of public record. You
should keep a recording of your entire broadcast so we
have recourse to find out what the facts are," said
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps.

Republican Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy said stations that receive repeated complaints about certain
personalities should pay attention to what those
personalities are saying on the air because "you will
get nailed. We have an enforcement bureau now."

Commissioner Kevin Martin went the least far. "There
is nothing the commission can do to give you
incentives to be responsible to your listeners other
than the incentives you already have."
- Paige Albiniak