Contractor Knocks Out Service to RCN Subscribers


Thousands of cable and high-speed data customers of RCN in New York were without service for most of Thursday after a building contractor working in downtown Manhattan damaged a major fiber conduit and cut off service.

RCN subscribers in several uptown Manhattan buildings woke up Thursday morning and found no TV or Internet service, and the first subscribers to have their service restored weren’t back to normal until 9 p.m., with others not being restored until hours later.

A construction crew building a foundation on 13th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue in the East Village was the culprit, according to RCN spokesman Mike Houghton, as sometime before 8 a.m. it drove a piling right through a major fiber duct owned by Empire City Subway and cut the fibers.

RCN technicians worked through Thursday to pull new fiber optics through the connection and repair the breach.