The continuing move to digital

New technologies enable greater efficiencies while expanding capabilities

It won't be too many years before the annual Digital Facility Report in the pages of the midweek issue of BROADCASTING & CABLE becomes less of a showcase of cutting-edge technology and more of a showcase of how broadcasters and others are building out new facilities to take advantage of digital gear. In fact, as the profiles on the following pages prove, that day may have already arrived.

A consistent theme from story to story is that digital technology is not only allowing organizations to rebuild control rooms, edit rooms or studios. It is also allowing them to do more with less when it comes to getting a return on investment. The digital television stations that are mentioned on the following pages exemplify the kind of flexibility that tomorrow's uncertain business model will most likely demand.

Take, for example, the facility put up by the Ackerley Group. By using the facility to serve more than one station, the group is able to save on labor, simplify operations and better serve its groupwide needs, instead of focusing on solving the same problems at each station individually.

And Crawford Communications managed to move a complete facility without interrupting service to its customers. Crawford took the difficulty of moving out of a condemned building and turned it into an opportunity, creating a new facility with a new infrastructure that will allow Crawford to grow as needed in the future.

The interesting aspect of putting this report together is trying to find facilities that are harbingers of the future for broadcasters across the country. We hope that the ideas and concepts on the following pages will provide your station with a new way to approach future needs in an uncertain environment.