Congress, YouTube Team Up On Custom Channels

Senators and Representatives getting custom channels to post videos to constituents.
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The internet is about to get its own C-Span. YouTube is teaming with Congress to create custom channels allowing constituents to keep an eye on what their representatives are up to, and politicians to post clips on their own customized sites.

YouTube has created two hubs, and where users can find their Senators’ or Representatives’ respective channels, or view any other elected official’s channel.

“These YouTube channels have the potential to make Congress more transparent and accessible than ever before - but only if you continue to connect and engage with your government on the site,” Steve Grove, director of YouTube news and politics wrote on the site’s blog. “The House Hub and Senate Hub are the digital equivalents of a backstage pass to your government. Find your Senator and Representative on YouTube and make a connection... and if your elected representative doesn't have a YouTube channel yet, give them a call or an email and encourage them to get started.”

Individual Senators and Representatives can post whatever content they see fit to their own sites, be it messages to constituents, behind the scenes footage, floor speeches or hearings. All members that wish to participate are given custom channels (i.e. for New York Senator Chuck Schumer or for House leader Nancy Pelosi) that they can post the content to, and will be linked to via the hubs.

Watch Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner explain the YouTube channels below: