Concerned Women Pushes À La Carte


At about the same time the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and Disney were issuing a study showing that per-channel cable pricing was an unworkable and inadvisable economic model, Concerned Women of America was issuing a statement that it was the "only solution to the ever increasing problem of indecency on cable stations."

(It was also released about the same time the FCC was fining TV stations over $4 million for indecency violations).

CWA pointed to the FCC report in February that concluded à la carte cable was workable and would reduce prices to consumers while giving them more control over cable. That was the report that NCTA and Disney were issuing their studies to counter.

“The FCC’s recent report confirms what we’ve been saying all along - cable choice is in the best interest of the consumer," said CWA. "The report indicates that customers could save up to 13% on their monthly cable bill. It clearly defeats opponent’s claims that cable choice would cost consumers more money. Cable choice would put money into consumer’s hands. The report further shows that cable choice is indeed economically feasible, despite false claims from cable companies."

Coincidentally, the FCC last year hired former anti-indecency activist Penny Nance as a policy adviser.