Computer Cos. Push White Spaces on YouTube

Wireless Innovation Alliance posts video to give 'public a better understanding of white-space technology and its potential.'
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Computer companies including Dell, Google and Microsoft are promoting a YouTube video (Google owns YouTube) advocating the use of the white spaces between digital-TV channels for delivering wireless broadband.

Computer companies and some other groups -- Free Press, for example -- are in a battle with broadcasters over whether the Federal Communications Commission should allow mobile unlicensed devices like laptops to operate in the spaces between TV channels.

On Wednesday, the Wireless Innovation Alliance -- which comprises the above computer companies and others pushing for the use of white spaces -- said it was promoting the video to the public "in hopes of giving the public a better understanding of white-space technology and its potential."

The video talks about the "big pockets" of "unused and wasted" space between channels that could be used for "fun stuff" like entertainment and "important stuff" like education and first-responder communications.

Broadcasters do not oppose a licensing regime for the white spaces, but they argued that allowing unlicensed devices would lead to interference to TV channels just when TV stations are making the switch to all-digital broadcasting.

At press time, the video, which had just been posted, only had 233 views, but that was five more than the 228 it had only five minutes before.


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