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Comedy Central and AXE Launch 'Dirtcathlon'

Web series challenges coed teams to get dirty
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Comedy Central and
AXE Shower have joined together to launch the AXE Dirtcathlon, a four-part Web
series challenging coed teams to get as messy as possible in 90 seconds.

The series premieres Wednesday on www.axedirtcathlon.com, as well as
ComedyCentral.com, Spike.com, Jokes.com and Comedy Central's Atom.com.

 "As a guy, I can appreciate the fun in
getting a little dirty.  As a comedian,
watching others get dirty and making fun of them while doing it provides all
the enjoyment I need!" said host, actor and comedian Rob Riggle. "Check out the
AXE Dirtcathlon - you've got guys and girls competing in challenges where they
start out clean and end up pretty dirty. Plus, I am there to add my incredibly
poignant commentary - what more could you want out of the internet!?" 

Riggle and
co-host Owen Benjamin will commentate while four guy and girl teams compete to
win the grand prize: a trip to Spain to participate in a massive tomato fight.